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Getting Started

Below will be the first steps you have to take to get fully into SWEP.

Step #1 – Complete Forms

Forms to Fill Out:

  1. * CBDG Form
  2. * Pay Card Enrollment Form
  3. * Photo Release Form
  4. * I-9 & W-4
  5. * Personnel Action Form

Step #2 – Upload Identification

Important Requirements for Uploading Files:

  • You must take a photo on a flat surface
  • Each photo must be taken with a plain background
  • You must not take a picture of a document copy. You must upload a picture of the original

What You Have to Upload:

  • A photo of your actual Social security card 
  • A photo of your actual Birth certificate 
  • A photo of your actual Report card 

Start Uploading Your Files Here

If you are having problems uploading forms, you should email the documents to MOET at